Armbian 23.11 Released with Linux Kernel 6.6 LTS and Support for New Devices

This release also introduces daily image builds based on the Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) and Debian Testing (Trixie) operating systems.
Armbian 23.11

The Armbian project announced today the release and general availability of Armbian 23.11 as the latest version of this GNU/Linux distribution tailored for ARM-powered embedded devices based on Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu.

Armbian 23.11 (codename Topi) introduces support for new devices, including the Khadas VIM1S and Khadas VIM4 single-board computers, Texas Instruments SK-TDA4VM processor starter kit for edge AI vision systems, NanoPi R6S and NanoPi R6C IoT gateways, HiKey 960 development platform, ArmSoM-W3 board, Tanix TX6 media player, Inovato Quadra and Mekotronics R58X-Pro ARM mini PCs, as well as the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro tablet.

“For a decade, Armbian Linux has been at the forefront of advancing and supporting the diverse single board computers (SBC) landscape. With 16 point releases under our belt since the adoption of this methodology, we’re continually enhancing our offerings,” said the Armbian Project.

Other noteworthy changes in this release include switching the default login manager from LightDM to SDDM for the KDE Plasma desktop and GDM for the GNOME desktop, support for Linux kernel 6.6 LTS for the edge kernel offering, updated kernel configs for Waydroid and Redroid support, and Bluetooth support for the Khadas VIM1S/VIM4 boards.

Armbian 23.11 also promises improved hardware support for several boards, such as the Orange Pi 3 LTS, LicheePi 4A, JetHome JetHub D1+, Banana Pi BPI-CM4, ROCKPro64, and Radxa ROCK5, support for the Rockchip RK3528 SoC with experimental HDMI and EDK2/UEFI support, a new option to force 16×9 aspect ratio, a systemd service to enable the fan in automatic mode, and new default wallpapers.

Last but not least, Armbian 23.11 introduces daily image builds based on the Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) and Debian Testing (Trixie) operating systems. Support for the KDE Plasma desktop environment has been enhanced as well in this new Armbian release, which also enhances quality control through automated tests and addresses numerous bugs for improved functionality.

You can download Armbian 23.11 for your device right now from the official website.

Last updated 3 months ago

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