Canonical Wants Your Feedback on the New Ubuntu Desktop Installer

New Ubuntu Desktop Installer

Canonical is still developing a new desktop installer for future Ubuntu releases, written in Google’s Flutter SDK, and they want your feedback on their latest work.

Earlier this year, Canonical announced that they will start work on a new Ubuntu Desktop Installer that will replace the current Ubiquity installer in future release of the popular GNU/Linux distribution.

The installer is written in the Flutter SDK developed by Google and sports a fresh and modern design with some new options that are missing from the current Ubuntu installer.

For example, the new Ubuntu Desktop Installer features a recovery option that allow you to recover your broken Ubuntu installation using a live ISO image of Ubuntu. In addition, it has support for both light and dark themes to seamlessly integrate with Ubuntu’s desktop style using the famous Yaru theme.

The new Ubuntu installer was available for public testing since early August 2021. Check out my first look at the new Ubuntu Desktop Installer if you want to see it in action.

Today, Canonical is asking the community to test Ubuntu’s new Desktop Installer on their personal computers and send feedback here about their experience with it. They are mostly interested in automated desktop provisioning.

“The new installer has been developed in Flutter and builds on the hard work of the Yaru team to ensure it integrates seamlessly with the Ubuntu desktop style,” said Oliver Smith, Product Manager for Ubuntu Desktop and Raspberry Pi. “We’d love to hear your feedback on the new installer flow and as always we would benefit from as much testing as possible.”

To test the new installer, you will have to download the Canary daily build images of Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) from here. When testing it, please bare in mind that there might be some bugs preset and that some features aren’t finished yet, so some things may not work as intended.

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