Clonezilla Live 2.6.6 Released with Linux Kernel 5.5, New and Updated Tools

Clonezilla Live 2.6.6

Based on the Debian GNU/Linux Sid (Unstable) operating system series, Clonezilla Live 2.6.6 has been released as a new stable version of this popular disk cloning and partitioning live Linux system.

Synced with the Debian Sid repository as of April 28th, 2020, Clonezilla Live 2.6.6 is here to switch the kernel to the Linux 5.5 series, even if it reached end of life. This new stable release ships with Linux kernel 5.5.17, though the latest version is 5.5.19.

One important change in this release is a fix for an issue with sfdisk’s “last_lba” line causing Clonezilla to fail to clone a larger hard disk to a smaller hard disk using the -icds parameter -ICDS. The developers warn that the -k1 parameter is not required in this case.

Another interesting change is the implementation of a batch mode that’s paused automatically when rc is not 0 for ocs-run-boot-param.

Furthermore, the -z9p parameters has been added in the TUI menu of beginner mode, which replaces the pzstd command with zstdmt for compressing and decompressing .zst files.

Clonezilla Live 2.6.6 also ships with several new packages. These include the pax tool for reading and writing file archives, as well as copying directory hierarchies, and ocs-live-swap-kernel for swaping Linux kernel and modules.

The scdaemon smartcard daemon for the GnuPG system is included as well in this release, and the ufsutils and pxz packages have been removed, the latter being replaced by pixz.

Last but not least, the script has been updated to support detection of more partition names.

You can download the Clonezilla Live 2.6.6 live ISO image right now from the official website for 64-bit or 32-bit systems.

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