Clonezilla Live 3.0 Adds APFS and LUKS Support, Powered by Linux Kernel 5.17

Clonezilla Live 3.0

Clonezilla Live maintainer and developer Steven Shiau announced today the release and general availability of Clonezilla Live 3.0, a major update of this free and open-source live ISO for disk cloning and imaging based on the famous Clonezilla utility.

Powered by Linux kernel 5.17 and based on the Debian Sid repository as of May 22nd, 2022, the Clonezilla Live 3.0 release is here to introduce support for Apple’s APFS file system, which means that you can now use Clonezilla Live to clone APFS partitions, as well as support for LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) encrypted disks.

“Basically a better mechanism than dd is implemented. It’s recommended to encrypt the image when saving the LUKS device,” said Steven Shiau.

Clonezilla Live 3.0 also adds a better mechanism to check the GPT/MBR format of a disk as a workaround to handle ChromeOS Flex partition tables, adds the “memtester” option in the UEFI boot menu for memory stress-testing, and adds a new mechanism to skip using devices list cache, which can be disabled with the use_dev_list_cache=no boot parameter.

Several new tools have been added to the live system, including waveon, memtester, edac-utils, shc, and uml-utilities, and many others were updated, including Partclone to version 0.3.20. Also, this release replaces the pixz program with xz and removes the s3ql tool from the live system.

Among other noteworthy changes, this release updates the use_os_prober="no" boot parameter to disable os-prober from running at startup, and implements the -k0 dummy option for creating partitions in ocs-sr and ocs-onthefly.

A couple of bugs were addressed as well and several language translations were updated. You can download Clonezilla Live 3.0 right now from the official website or by using the direct download link below. ISO images are provided for both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures.

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