Collabora Online 6.4 Office Suite Arrives with New Look, Improved Document Compatibility

Collabora Online 6.4

Collabora Productivity announced today the release and general availability of the Collabora Online 6.4 office suite, a major version that brings a new look and feel, as well as improved document compatibility.

Following the development version released last month, Collabora Online Development Edition 6.4, the new Collabora Online 6.4 is ready for mass adoption by enterprises and every one else who wants to deploy a premium office suite on their workstations.

Those who were able to try the free Collabora Online Development Edition 6.4 release are probably already familiar with the new features and enhancements in Collabora Online 6.4. These include a new look and feel with the NotebookBar now enabled by default for Writer, Impress, and Calc.

The NotebookBar offers users not only a modern look of the office suite based on LibreOffice Online, but also quicker access to the most used tools to improve productivity, as well as a flexible layout that adapts to your needs and sorts the features for each document type into clear tabs.

But the classic interface is still available for those who prefer it or don’t like the new NotebookBar interface. To revert to the classic UI, users will have to select the “classic” option for the user_interface key in the loolwsd.xml file.

“We have no plans to remove the classic menu and toolbar UX – some users and deployments clearly prefer it,” said Marc Rodrigues.

This release also introduces support for adding annotations to PDF documents for extended collaboration between multiple users, a new spreadsheet rendering feature that supports freezing of rows and colums.

Furthermore, there’s greater interoperability with the proprietary OOXML and PPTX document formats from MS Office, adding support for semi-transparent text in OOXML files, support for gradient backgrounds in slides when importing PPTX files, and improved import of SmartArt documents.

Collabora Online 6.4 is available as a demo on the official website if you want to give it a try before purchase a license for your organization. Home users can install the free version, Collabora Online Development Edition 6.4 from here.

Image: Collabora

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