CoreELEC 9.2.4 Linux Distro Adds ODROID-N2+ and La Frite SBC Support, Kodi 18.8

CoreELEC 9.2.4

CoreELEC, a community fork of the LibreELEC Linux distribution for SBCs (single-board computers) built around the open-source Kodi media center, has been updated to version 9.2.4 after several months in development.

CoreELEC 9.2.4 is a major update that comes about two months after version 9.2.3 with numerous new features and improvements. First and foremost, this release introduces new hardware support, allowing users to install CoreELEC on new single-board computers, including Libre Computer’s La Frite and ODROID-N2+, along with official support for Beelink and MINIX devices.

It also adds support for new accessories, including the ODROID HiFi-Shields high-resolution Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) and other I2S devices on the ODROID-C4 single-board computer, as well as support for RTL8156 based USB adapters and support for RT5651 analog audio amp used in the MINIX U22X-XJ and Ugoos AM6 Android TV box sets.

Support for GXL devices, including S905X, S905D, S905W and S805X, is also present in CoreELEC 9.2.4, via the Linux 4.9 kernel Amlogic-NG builds. However, this feature is considered experimental due to the fact that the development team couldn’t test all the various GXL devices available out there.

Also new is DT support for handling fan control on the Beelink GS King X Android-powered TV box with NAS, as well as SPI device support for devices with GPIO headers, such as the ODROID and VIM3 series of single-board computers.

Apart from the nice hardware improvements, the new CoreELEC release comes with various enhancements to its user interface, which is now powered by the latest Kodi 18.8 open-source and multi-platform media center, which lets CoreELEC turn your tiny SBC into a versatile HTPC (Home Theater PC).

Among these new UI changes, there’s a new setting for basic HDD park/idle control, playback improvements for some H.264 content, the ability for users to configure the libcec version for better compatibility, improved mounting of storage devices with duplicate names, and improved update notifications.

Under the hood, CoreELEC 9.2.4 improves the boot and handling of stock clock speeds on some devices, and updates the OpenVFD software for controlling VFD displays in Kodi to a newer version that works better.

You can download CoreELEC 9.2.4 for ODROID-N2+, ODROID-C2, ODROID-C4, La Frite, Le Potato, and Generic Amlogic devices right now from the official website.

Please note that there are two images available for Libre Computer’s AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato) SBC, one with Linux kernel 3.14 and the other one running Linux kernel 4.9.

Why run CoreELEC instead of LibreELEC? Well, because CoreELEC focuses mainly on Amlogic devices while LibreELEC focuses on x86 and Raspberry Pi devices.

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