Deepin Linux 20.3 Is Out as One of the First Distros Powered by Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS

Deepin Linux 20.3

The Deepin Linux community announced today the release of Deepin Linux 20.3 as one of the very first GNU/Linux distributions powered by the latest and greatest Linux 5.`15 LTS kernel series.

Deepin Linux 20.3 is here almost two months after Deepin Linux 20.2.4 and it upgrades the stable kernel to Linux 5.15, bringing users features like a brand-new and fully functional NTFS file system implementation, support for 12th Gen Intel processors, in-kernel SMB server, realtime preemption locking, and many other goodies.

This makes Deepin one of the very first GNU/Linux distributions (at the moment of writing) to offer the Linux 5.15 kernel in their installation image. However, since Deepin Linux offers a dual-kernel feature, Linux kernel 5.10 LTS is kept as the default kernel in this release, so if you want to install the distro with Linux kernel 5.15, which is also an LTS (Long-Term Support) branch, you’ll have to go to the Advanced Options in the boot menu.

In addition to Linux kernel 5.15 LTS, Deepin Linux 20.3 updates the Album app to provide users with a better batch selection of photos, improved interaction of main functions, new buttons for quick actions, the ability to import, preview, and search videos, as well as support for displaying the number of photos and videos separately in the status bar.

Also updated in this release is the Screen Capture app, which now lets users take a long scroll-shot instead of a website, for example, as well as the File Manager app, which now shows permanently mounted Samba shares in the left panel and Computer page, which can finally be accessed using the Backspace key, adds support for colors to the current tab, and lets you re-order columns in the list view by dragging them.

Furthermore, the Movie app received new decoding settings, video information interface, and support for NVIDIA GPUs via FFmpeg, the Music app now shows the “Add Music” button in an empty playlist and lets users add music using the context menu of a playlist, the Draw app now offers dimension settings for exported pictures, and the Voice Notes app now lets you customize the order of your notes, as well as to show/hide the notebook panel.

Besides various performance optimizations for the Dock and Bluetooth functionality, the Deepind Destkop Environment (DDE) received a new keyboard shortcut for the Global Search feature, which now also supports searching of markdown files. Also, Deepin Linux now supports 2K hardware decoding of OLAND chips.

Of course, numerous bugs were fixed, so you should study the full changelog on the release announcement page for more details on that. Also there, you’ll be able to download the Deepin Linux 20.3 release as an installation image that you have to install on your PC as no live session is provided.

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