elementary OS 6 Promises New Look and Feel, New Installer, and More

elementary OS 6

The developers behind elementary OS revealed today some of the upcoming features to be included in the next major release of their Ubuntu-based operating system, elementary OS 6.

elementary OS 6 is under heavy development these days, and developer Cassidy James Blaede shared today some of the work that’s going on behind the curtains. He just revealed in a blog post a part of the major changes coming to elementary OS 6, due for release later this year.

First and foremost, elementary OS 6 promises a new look and feel. What’s changing beside the default wallpaper? Well, the typography and the system stylesheet, which apparently affects almost everything on the system, from the panel and default apps to all curated apps in the AppCenter.

The devs say that users should expect a new dark style for the Dock, Keyboard Shortcuts overlay, Panel indicators, system dialogs, and other components, improved contrast, a more refined overall design, as well as support for user-selected accent colors for apps.

elementary OS 6 also promises major updates around communication and organization apps by implementing support for more Internet service providers and enabling support for calendar events or mail syncing in various apps. The default Mail app will get a major rewrite and a new Tasks app will be included too.

There will also be a new installer, which apparently benefits OEMs, but also newcomers thanks to a friendlier first-run experience, as well as a faster and more streamlined installation.

This is also great for OEMs, as they can use the new installer itself to image devices, or—like with some experimental Pinebook Pro images we’ve been playing with—just flash an image without a user to run through initial setup on first boot,” explains Cassidy James Blaede.

elementary OS 6 also promises improved multi-touch support. Of course, there will be a lot more goodies in the upcoming release, which will be based on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) operating system series, and those will be revealed in time during the entire development cycle.

Most users will likely want to wait for the final release before updating, but early adopters and true elementary OS fans who want to get a taste of the new features and enhancements can do so by subscribing to the elementary OS Early Access Builds.

Last updated 4 years ago

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