Fedora 32 Beta Released with GNOME 3.36, Linux Kernel 5.6

Fedora 32 beta

The Fedora Project announced today the general availability of the beta release of the upcoming Fedora Linux 32 operating system.

Fedora 32 Beta is here right on time, allowing the community behind this popular and powerful Red Hat-sponsored GNU/Linux distribution to get an early taste of the new features and enhancements coming to the final release later this spring.

There are lots of changes and recent GNU/Linux technologies included in this release, starting with the recently released GNOME 3.36 desktop environment, which is present by default in the Fedora 32 Workstation edition (a.k.a. the main Fedora Linux edition).

Fedora 32 Workstation also ships with the EarlyOOM feature enabled by default to help users recover from low-memory situations more quickly and the fs.trim timer, which promises to improve the performance of your SSD.

Under the hood, Fedora 32 beta is powered by the upcoming Linux 5.6 kernel series, which should see the light of day at the end of March, the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 10 system compiler, as well as many other up-to-date core components like GNU C Library, Python, Perl, and Ruby.

Fedora 32 beta is available for public testing starting now until the final release on April 21st, 2020. You can download it from the announcement page as Workstation, Server, ARM, as well as official Spins (KDE Plasma, Xfce, LXQt, LXDE, MATE, Cinnamon, and SoaS), and Labs editions.

When testing, you should keep in mind at all times that this is an unfinished release. This means that it’s not suitable for installation on a production machine. The Fedora Project is looking forward for your bug reports, which you can submit here.

Fedora 32 beta

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