Firefox 110 Will Finally Let You Import Data from Opera and Vivaldi

The final release will be available on Valentine's Day 2023 and will include various other changes.
Firefox 110

Mozilla is already working on the next major release of its open-source, free, and cross-platform web browser, Firefox 110, which promises to finally let you import your data from more web browsers.

With Firefox 109 already hitting the repos of various GNU/Linux distributions, it’s time to take a closer look at the new features coming to Firefox 110, which is currently available for public beta testing on all supported platforms, including Linux.

The coolest new feature in Firefox 110 appears to be the ability of the open-source web browser to detect and let you import data like bookmarks, cookies, history, and passwords, from web browsers like Opera, Opera GX, and Vivaldi.

Until now, Firefox on Linux only allowed users to import data from Chrome/Chromium browsers. So if you’re using Opera or Vivaldi on your GNU/Linux distribution, you’ll finally be able to easily migrate to Firefox starting with version 110.

On Linux, to import your data from another web browser, you’ll have to go to the main menu (it’s the last icon on your toolbar, the hamburger menu) and access the Bookmarks section. There, click on Manager Bookmarks at the end of the list (or just hit Ctrl+Shift+O and skip all that) and then click on Import and Backup > Import Data from Another Browser.

However, there’s a catch! You will need to have the Opera or Vivaldi web browsers installed on your GNU/Linux distribution using the native packages for your distro (RPM or DEB). Unfortunately, Firefox 110 is not able to detect installations of these web browsers from sandboxed installations like Flatpak or AppImage.

Firefox 110 also promises to make dragging of images across your opened tabs or other Firefox instances more reliable, as well as to add support for CSS named pages, allowing web pages to perform per-page layout and add page-breaks in a declarative manner when printing.

Add-on developers should also know that the defaultZoomFactor property of the tabs.ZoomSettings option has been updated to return the value of Firefox’s default zoom factor setting.

The final release of Firefox 110 will be generally available for all supported platforms on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) 2023. Until then, you can get an early taste of the new features and improvements by downloading the latest beta version from the official website.

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