Firefox 119 Promises to Let You Import Some of Your Chrome Extensions

The upcoming Firefox release also promises to improve the Firefox View feature and support the Santali language.
Firefox 119

With the release of Firefox 118 out the door and making its way into the stable software repositories of various GNU/Linux distributions, the next release, Firefox 119, has now entered public beta testing.

Firefox 119 doesn’t look like it comes with big changes, but only a few improvements here and there. For example, it promises to let you import some of your Chrome extensions (if they’re available for Firefox, of course) when migrating your data from Google Chrome.

It also improves the Firefox View feature with more content, including browsing history, along with the ability to sort it by date or site, recently closed tabs, as well as viewing of all the opened tabs from all windows and all tabs from all of your synced devices.

Other than that, Firefox 119 looks to disable media sniffing for top-level documents that are served as application/octet-stream type to allow them to be downloaded instead of attempting playback and brings support for the Santali (sat) language.

Just like the previous few releases, Firefox 119 beta also carries the Cookie Banner Reduction feature where Firefox automatically tries to reject cookie requests on cookie banners on supported sites, as well as the Quick Actions in address bar feature to more easily and quickly perform certain tasks. At this point, there’s no telling if these features will make it in the final release.

For web developers, the upcoming Firefox release promises credentialless support in Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy, as well as support for ARIA reflection for simple attributes and default Accessibility Semantics for Custom Elements.

Mozilla plans to officially launch the Firefox 119 release on October 24th, 2023. Until then, you can take the latest beta version for a test drive on your personal computer by downloading the binary from the official website, but keep in mind not to use this pre-release version for production work.

Last updated 8 months ago

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