Firefox 125 Enters Public Beta Testing with URL Paste Suggestion, PDF Highlighting

The upcoming Firefox release will also let users of tab-specific Container add-ons to search in the address bar for tabs that are open in different containers.
Firefox 125 Beta

With the Firefox 124 release out the door, Mozilla promoted today the upcoming Firefox 125 release to the beta channel for public testing, so it’s time to take a first look at the new features and improvements.

Probably the coolest new change of the upcoming Firefox 125 release is the URL Paste Suggestion feature, which provides a convenient way for users to quickly access URLs that are copied to the system clipboard.

“When the clipboard contains a URL and the URL bar is focused, an autocomplete result appears automatically. Activating the clipboard suggestion will navigate the user to the URL with 1 click,” explains Mozilla in the release notes.

Here’s the new URL Paste Suggestion feature in action!

Firefox 125 also promises support for highlighting in PDF documents (will be released gradually), a new option that lets users enable Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) while configuring Firefox to use the system proxy, and expanded download protection to proactively block downloads from URLs that may not be trustworthy.

For users of tab-specific Container add-ons, Firefox 125 promises to allow them to search in the address bar for tabs that are open in different containers. For users in the US and Canada, the upcoming Firefox release promises to prompt them to save their addresses when submitting an address form so they can more easily complete forms in the future.

On top of that, Firefox 125 promises improved keyboard navigation of the Firefox settings by allowing users to reach the first option in a group of radio buttons where no option is selected with the Tab key rather than reaching every option, as well as to navigate between options with the arrow keys when there’s a selected option.

For Android users, Firefox 125 will no longer include the variant and extension of BCP47 in the Accept-Language header of HTTP requests, which translates to better interoperability with other web browsers.

For web developers, Firefox 125 looks to enable WebAssembly multi-memory by default for more efficient interoperation between wasm modules and better polyfills for upcoming wasm standards like the component model, support for Unicode text segmentation to JavaScript, as well as support for the content-box and stroke-box keywords of the transform-box CSS property.

Moreover, it updates the align-content property to work in a block layout to allow block direction alignment without using a flex or grid container, removes the SVGAElement.text method in favor of the more widely-implemented SVGAElement.textContent method, and improves support for the popover global attribute.

Of course, the long-awaited Cookie Banner Blocker and Quick Actions in Address Bar features are once again available in the Firefox 125 beta, but there’s no word yet on their availability in the final release. Fingers crossed!

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 125 on April 16th, 2024. Until then, you can download and test the latest Firefox 125 beta build by downloading the tarball binary from the official website or the official DEB package for Ubuntu or Debian systems from Mozilla’s download server.

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