Firefox 82 Released with Picture-In-Picture Improvements, 17% Faster Session Restore

Firefox 82

Mozilla released today the Firefox 82 web browser for all supported platforms, an update that continues the monthly release cycle with various small improvements and security fixes.

Firefox 82 isn’t a major update, but it brings a few enhancements to the Picture-In-Picture mode, which now has a new look and position to make it easier for users to access it and use it when watching videos, and further enhances the Pocket integration by letting users explore new articles when saving a webpage from the Firefox toolbar.

Most of the improvements in Firefox 82 are under the hood, making the free and open-source web browser more faster on both page loads and start up time. For example, Firefox is now up to 17% faster when restoring a session, and up to 20% faster when loading websites that use flexbox-based layouts.

There are also some improvements for screen reader users, such as more accessible credit card auto-fill with the card type and the card number, and the ability to correctly report paragraphs in Firefox instead of lines for screen reader features that report paragraphs.

For web developers, Firefox 82 enables the MediaSession API by default to allow web authors to provide custom behaviors for standard media playback interactions, and updates the DevTools in the Network panel to display server side events.

Of course, several security vulnerabilities were addresses as well. Mozilla has patched a total of seven security flaws in the Firefox 82 release, and you can read more about them here.

Meanwhile, you can download Firefox 82 right now from the official website, but I highly recommend that you wait for this release to arrive in the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution, which should happen in the next days.

Last updated 4 years ago

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