First Arch Linux ISO Powered by Linux Kernel 6.3 Is Now Available for Download

The Arch Linux 2023.06.01 snapshot also ships with the latest package updates and archinstall text-mode installer.
Arch Linux Kernel 6.3

It’s that time of the month when a new ISO snapshot of the popular Arch Linux distribution is available to download for those who want to experience the most recent GNU/Linux technologies on their hardware, such as Linux kernel 6.3.

Arch Linux 2023.06.01 is out today as the ISO snapshot for June 2023 and it’s the first Arch Linux ISO release to be powered by the latest and greatest Linux 6.3 kernel series, which made its debut at the end of April 2023.

Of course, Linux kernel 6.3 landed in Arch Linux’s stable repositories a couple of weeks after its initial launch, but it didn’t make it into last month’s ISO snapshot. The Arch Linux 2023.06.01 image ships with Linux kernel 6.3.5 by default, which arrived in the repos on May 30th.

The Arch Linux 2023.06.01 release also ships with the archinstall 2.5.6 text-mode installer, a small update to Arch Linux’s default installer that improves the 3 desktop profile and addresses dual entries in /boot/loader/entries/entry.conf for systemd-boot.

The latest package versions released during May 2023 have been included as well in the new Arch Linux ISO snapshot to provide users with the best possible hardware support for new installations, especially for those who encounter hardware issues with previous ISOs.

I’ll keep this short and let you all go to Arch Linux’s website to download the Arch Linux 2023.06.01 snapshot if you plan on deploying the lightweight and highly customizable GNU/Linux distribution on new machines.

Since Arch Linux follows a rolling-release model where you install once and receive updates forever, existing users don’t need to download the new ISO snapshot to update their installations, but only to run the sudo pacman -Syu command in their favorite terminal emulator.

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