First KDE Plasma 5.22 Point Release Improves the Wayland Session for NVIDIA/AMD Systems

KDE Plasma 5.22 Point Release

The KDE Project released today the first point release to their latest and greatest KDE Plasma 5.22 desktop environment series, fixing various issues and improving existing functionality.

KDE Plasma 5.22.1 is here just one week after the release of the KDE Plasma 5.22 desktop environment series, and it includes improvements for the Plasma Wayland session to detect additional screens on NVIDIA/AMD multi-GPU setups, as well as to blur the transparent background behind task switchers.

This first point release to KDE Plasma 5.22 also improves the new Plasma System Monitor app to open the “Get New Pages” view in an overlay instead of a narrow column, and makes the Network Speed widget, Weather widget’s BBC weather data source, and custom shortcuts for “Walk through applications” work correctly.

Other than that, KDE Plasma 5.22.1 improves the File Search page in System Settings to no longer display a strange duplicated header, revamps the Autostart page in System Settings to correctly show the icon for startup apps, and improves the shadows of maximized windows on multi-screen configurations.

It also re-introduces the MilkyWay wallpaper from KDE Plasma 5.21, improves support for Flatpak apps in the Plasma Discover package manger by fixing an warning upon updates detection, fixes non-working global shortcuts overrides, improves the lockscreen on Plasma Mobile, and fixes several other bugs.

KDE Plasma 5.22.1 includes 39 changes, so do check out the full changelog for more details. Meanwhile, if you’re using the KDE Plasma 5.22 desktop environment on your GNU/Linux distribution, it’s highly recommended that you update to KDE Plasma 5.22.1 as soon as the packages arrive in the stable repositories.

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