Getting Things GNOME To-Do App Is Back with a New Major Release, Here’s What’s New

Getting Things GNOME

Jeff Fortin Tam announced today the revival and general availability of a new version of the Getting Things GNOME free and open-source to-do list and personal tasks application.

Probably not many of you reading this remember Getting Things GNOME, especially because it’s been more than six years since it received an update.

Getting Things GNOME is a personal taks and to-do list items organizer for the GNOME desktop environment, inspired by the “Getting Things Done” methodology.

The new release, Getting Things GNOME 0.4, is here to prove that the app isn’t dead and that it is here to stay for a long time to come, helping you getting your everyday stuff done and be more productive.

“As a result of the new lean & agile project direction and contributor workflow we have formalized, this release—the first in over 6.5 years—constitutes a significant milestone in the revival of this community-driven project,” said project maintainer Jeff Fortin Tam. “This milestone represents a very significant opportunity to breathe new life into the project.”

As you can imagine, Getting Things GNOME 0.4 is a major release. This means it packs lots of new features and enhancements, starting with the port to the latest GTK 3, GObject Introspection (PyGI), Meson, and Python 3 open source technologies, and continuing with Flatpak support.

The user interface received a massive overhaul and it now complies with the current GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), featuring client-side window decorations, redesigned Preferences dialog, symbolic icons, as well as improvements to padding and borders.

Moreover, the menu bar is now replaced by a menu button, there’s now a dedicated Search Bar for searching your tasks, the “Workview” mode was renamed to “Actionable” view, and various other smaller changes were made to the Task Browser a.k.a. the main window of the application.

New functionality include the ability to open or create a task’s parent task, select and perform actions on multiple closed tasks, the ability to rename or delete tags in the Task Browser by right-clicking on them, and the ability to delete old closed tasks, which should increase the performance of the app.

The new release also supports emoji in the Quick Add entry, adds a new searchable “tag picker” widget in the Task Editor, improves the Calendar date picker pop-up widgets in the Task Editor, and comes built-in with the Quick Deferral plugin for deferring multiple tasks at once to a custom date.

Of course, there’s a lot of work done under the hood of this beautiful and useful app. The developers put a lot of work to make it modern, adding support for Tox for testing automation, ensure that the entire app is translatable, as well as to remove and clean up outdated plugins and synchronization services.

To see an overview of the latest Getting Things GNOME release, check out Jeff Fortin Tam’s video presentation below. If you want to download Getting Things GNOME 0.4, you can get the sources right now from its GitHub page, but a Flatpak will also be available later this week is also available here, making the installation a lot easier!

Image: Jeff Fortin Tam

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