GNU Linux-Libre 5.12 Kernel Released for Those Who Seek 100% Freedom for Their PCs

GNU Linux-Libre 5.10

Alexandre Oliva announced today the release of the GNU Linux-libre 5.12 kernel for those who want to use a 100% free version of the Linux 5.12 kernel on their GNU/Linux computers.

Based on the recently released Linux kernel 5.12, the GNU Linux-libre 5.12 kernel is packed with the same new features as the upstream kernel, but it cleans up many of the newly added drivers, including the BCM VK accelerators, MT7921E wifi, MXL692 dvb, OcteonTX2 crypto, as well as Intel ICE docs and Qualcomm AArch64 DTS files.

In addition, the GNU Linux-libre 5.12 kernel adjusts the Allegro-DVT driver as it is now out of staging, and cleans up the drivers for Adreno GPU and x86 touchscreens since they were modified in the upstream Linux 5.12 kernel to request new blob names, thus providing 100% free drivers and code to those seeking 100% freedom for their GNU/Linux PCs.

“This release is in memory of Tasha, Jason Self’s feline companion of many years. Jason has long contributed to GNU Linux-libre and maintained the popular Freesh distribution of GNU Linux-libre .debs,” said Alexandre Oliva.

GNU Linux-libre 5.12 kernel users will enjoy many of the new features of Linux kernel 5.12, including dynamic thermal power management, LTO support in Clang, support for zoned block devices in Btrfs, netfilter improvements, high compression LZ4 mode support in F2FS, and the new memory-debugging tool.

You can download the GNU Linux-libre 5.12 kernel right now from the official website if you’re looking to build a 100% free GNU/Linux computer that doesn’t include any proprietary code or drivers. This libre kernel can be used with any free GNU/Linux distribution, providing you with a free version of the Linux kernel.

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