GNU Linux-Libre 5.6 Kernel Is Out for Those Who Seek 100% Freedom for Their PCs

GNU Linux-Libre 5.6

Less than a day after the release of the Linux 5.6 kernel series, the GNU Linux-libre project announced the general availability of the GNU Linux-libre 5.6 kernel.

The aim of the GNU Linux-libre project is to provide the GNU/Linux community with a version of the upstream Linux kernel that’s 100% free. Therefore, the GNU Linux-libre 5.6 kernel is a 100% free version of the Linux 5.6 kernel, shipping only with free and open source drivers.

This new GNU Linux-Libre kernel deblobs three new drivers that have been included in the upstream kernel series, namely AMD Trusted Execution Environment, ATH11K WiFi, and Mediatek SCP remoteproc Additionally, it also cleans up the Nouveau, AMDGPU, and AMD PSP drivers.

Of course, the rest of the new features implemented in the Linux 5.6 kernel are also present in the new Linux-Libre kernel. These include the built-in WireGuard support, USB4 support, new CPU idle thermal driver, and the up-to-date hardware support through new and updated drivers.

If you’re looking for 100% freedom for your personal computer, I highly recommend you download and install the GNU Linux-Libre 5.6 kernel from the official website or directly from the software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution.

The GNU Linux-libre kernel is 100% free and compatible with the GNU Operating System and all GNU/Linux distributions. It removes non-free components from the official Linux kernel, offering only free and open source drivers and code.

Last updated 4 years ago

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