Help Shape Fedora Linux’s Future by Taking the Fedora Contributor Survey 2022

2022 Fedora Survey

Good news for fans of the Fedora Linux distribution as the official 2022 Fedora survey is now live for those of you who want to help shape Fedora Linux’s future.

If you’re a Fedora Linux user or a Fedora Project contributor, the development team behind this popular and powerful GNU/Linux distribution would love to hear from you and they invite anyone interested in shaping Fedora Linux‘s future to take the annual Fedora Contributor Survey.

Powered by LimeSurvey, the Fedora Contributor Survey has a total of 44 questions and it’s split into several sections, starting with basic details about you as a Fedora contributor, member, or user, your familiarity with Linux-based operating systems, what social network you use, and what do you use Fedora Linux for.

During the survey, you’ll also be asked which Fedora Linux editions, flavors, or spins you use and on what architecture, and what’s your preferred desktop environment. The devs also want to know your favorite web browser, office suite, email client, media player, image viewer, if you play games and on what platforms, as well as if you use Flatpak apps.

Other noteworthy questions include if you use or tried the Fedora Silverblue edition, if you use or tried Fedora Modules, if you use Fedora Linux to write code, and how satisfied are you with Fedora on desktop.

The Fedora Contributor Survey 2022 ends with several questions related to community outreach, and after you complete it you’ll be able to claim your Survey Taker badge if you are a member of the Fedora Linux community. Without further ado, you can take the annual Fedora Contributor Survey here.

I should note the fact that the survey is completely anonymous and that the raw data will only be read by Fedora Council members, while the summer data will be made public at the Nest with Fedora 2022 event that will take place August 4th-6th, 2022.

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