Here are Collabora’s Contributions to Linux Kernel 5.12

Collabora's Contributions Linux

May the 4th be with you! Collabora’s contributions to the latest Linux 5.12 kernel series have been published today if you’re interested to see what they’ve been up to lately.

Linux kernel 5.12 was just released last week, bringing numerous new features and improved hardware support. Among the biggest changes, there’s LTO support in Clang, a new dynamic thermal power management mechanism, initial support for zoned block devices for the Btrfs file system, kernel thread-based NAPI polling, eMMC inline encryption support, and support for the Lenovo IdeaPad platform profile.

Collabora’s contributions to Linux kernel 5.12 targeted the closing of the gap between hardware support on vendor trees and the mainline kernel tree. For that, they’ve contributed to the ChromeOS EC platform support, power/supply and reset/shutdown subsystems, Mediatek SoC support, and improved the V4L2 (Video4Linux) Async notifier API to be consistent and easier to use.

They also converted the DSI code to use drm_mipi_dsi and drm_panel, added various small fixes to watch_queue and fanotify into the mainline kernel in their search for the right API to report file system errors, and improved the mainline Linux kernel support for Chromebook devices by contributing a new TPM 2.0 driver, which handles the communication with the Google CR50 chip firmware.

“TPM chip support is important for improving user data and device security. Having this driver upstream is a good step forward for various open-source projects besides the kernel, like ChromiumOS and the general development community, as well as end-users,” said Collabora.

In numbers, Collabora’s Linux kernel developers authored 93 patches, committed 58 patches, reviewed 61 patches, acked 11 patches, signed off 31 patches, tested 6 patches, reported 2 patches, and added 31 patches on behalf of others. For more details on their contributions to the Linux 5.12 kernel, check out this blog post.

Image credits: Collabora

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