KDE Applications 20.04 Officially Released, This Is What’s New

KDE Plasma 5.18 LTS

The KDE Project announced today the KDE Applications 20.04 open-source software suite for GNU/Linux distributions and other supported platforms, a major series that introduces new features and improvements.

Several months in development, the KDE Applications 20.04 software suite is here to replace the KDE Applications 19.12 series with a plethora of worthy changes and enhancements to many of the included apps and components.

The components that received the most attention during this cycle is the Dolphin file manager, which now lets users watch movies stored on remote sites without downloading them, streaming directly to your video player.

Moreover, Dolphin now makes connecting to Samba shares on a Windows systems easier than ever. Keyboard navigation was improved as well to let you move focus to and from the terminal panel without using a mouse.

Dolphin now also comes with built-in support for 7Zip files and a new “Duplicate Here” function in the right-click context menu that lets you quickly and easily duplicate files.

Also improved in the KDE Applications 20.04 release is the KMail email client, which now lets you easily export emails to PDF, better displays Markdown formatted emails, and warns you when the email composer opens after clicking a link that asks you to attach a file.

Kdenlive, the powerful video editor, also received some attention. It makes video editing faster and improves multitrack viewing with a new configurable preview resolution and introduces a new “zooming on keyframes” feature helps you edit videos more precisely.

It’s also now possible to directly drop your files from the file manager into the timeline. Snapping of clips was improved as well by allowing users to only snap on active tracks.

KDE Connect now lets you start a new conversation with the SMS app, improves call notification handling, displays remote media players in the Media Player applet, and introduces a new set of connection status icons.

The Okular document viewer received various accessibility improvements with inertial scrolling for touchscreens and smooth scrolling for both desktop and touchscreens. The Konsole terminal emulator now lets you go directly to one of the first nine tabs using the Alt+(a number key) keyboard combination.

The Elisa music player received a new “Now Playing” view, a new visual shuffle mode, and the ability to minimize the playlist to system tray and listen to your favorite songs without keeping the main window open.

The Spectacle screenshot utility got new “Defaults” and “Revert” buttons for going back to a prior configuration or restore the defaults. It’s also now capable of remembering the last used screenshot area.

Last but not least, the Lokalize utility now supports the Language-Tool grammatical correction tool and the Gwenview image viewer is again capable of importing images from remote locations.

Also, the Yakuake terminal emulator supports vertical resize by dragging from the bottom bar and supports starting a new tab in the location of the current tab. The KIO GDrive 1.3 plugin is included as well and brings a new “Copy Google URL to clipboard” action in Dolphin’s right-click context-menu.

The apps included in the KDE Applications 20.04 release should soon be available for download from the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution. You can also download them from Flathub and Snap Store.

It will be supported with three maintenance updates until later this summer. These include KDE Applications 20.04.1 on May 14th, KDE Applications 20.04.2 on June 11th, and KDE Applications 20.04.3 on July 9th.

Image: KDE

Last updated 4 years ago

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