KDE Frameworks 5.86 Improves Plasma Wayland for NVIDIA GPUs, Adds over 200 Changes

KDE Frameworks 5.86

The KDE Project released today KDE Frameworks 5.86 as the monthly update for September 2021 of this open-source software suite containing more than 80 add-on libraries to Qt for a wide range of commonly needed functionality to the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

KDE Frameworks 5.86 is here to further improve the Plasma Wayland session, this time for NVIDIA GPU users who encountered content update failures on window resize or KRunner not display search results. It also fixes two crtical memory leaks that may affect the KDE Plasma desktop environment and Plasma widgets.

Among the improvements, this release brings back currency conversions in KRunner and the Kickoff application menu, adds support for editing the icons for all installed apps through Kickoff’s “Edit Application…” menu, displays applications launched from a global shortcut in System Monitor’s “Applications” page, and improves the shadows for Plasma pop-ups, dialogs, OSDs, and notifications to be more consistent with the shadows for app windows.

KDE Frameworks 5.86 also improves Plasma’a System Tray applets and pop-ups with expandable list items to be more reliable and stable overall, be more consistent visually, be more responsive on mouse scroll and keyboard navigation, and be fully interactive when using a stylus (only for applets).

The calendar applet has been improved as well to no longer display wrong number of dots on each day, month, or year when it’s pinned open. Also improved is the new KHamburgerMenu introduced in KDE Frameworks 5.81 to no longer display a duplicate copy of the menu structure in the context menu when you’re using a Global Menu applet.

A new default keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+Comma) has been added in this release to open the “Configure keyboard shortcuts” window, as well as a new warning that will be displayed when attempting to copy or move files or folders that contain characters in their names that aren’t compatible with the file system where you’re moving or copying the files/folders, giving you the opportunity to correct it.

For QtQuick-based apps, KDE Frameworks 5.86 makes the “clear text” button inside text fields the same size as that in QtWidgets apps, removes the tooltip that duplicates a button’s text for buttons that have both an icon and text (will only be displayed if the button’s text is auto-hidden), and adds support for RTL languages in combobox pop-ups.

Also for QtQuick-based apps, it improves scroll handles to correctly interpret a mouse button click as a click in the track when applied at the top of the handle, improves the headers in QtQuick-based System Settings for touchscreen users to no longer disappear when scrolling up the view, and boosts their performance and launch speed by re-implementing “Units” definitions in C++.

Other than that, Kirigami-based apps now launch faster, there are some beautiful new icons for the “Public” and “Templates” folders, makes the “Allow Folder Expansion” option in the open and save dialogs to be respected in all relevant contexts, improves some of the bookmark-themed Breeze icons to be to be more distinct from one another, and unifies the loading spinner, which now looks like a spinning gear, across the KDE Plasma desktop, apps, and splash screen.

There are more than 200 changes included in the KDE Frameworks 5.86 release, which is a recommended update for all KDE Plasma desktop users. Keep an eye on the stable software repositories or your favorite KDE-oriented distribution for the new KDE Frameworks packages and update as soon as possible.

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