KDE Frameworks 5.93 Brings Multi-Cursor Support for Text Editor Apps, over 280 Changes

KDE Frameworks 5.93

The KDE Project released today KDE Frameworks 5.93 as the latest release of this collection of over 80 add-on libraries to Qt which provide common functionality for the KDE Plasma desktop and related apps.

KDE Frameworks 5.93 comes with lots of improvements for your favorite KDE apps, including multi-cursor support for Kate and other KTextEditor-based apps. Users are given three ways to create multiple cursors, including Alt+Click in different places, Alt+Ctrl+up/down on lines above or below the current one, and Alt+Shift+I after selecting multiple lines of text.

This release also improves support for QtQuick apps so that their menus for text fields no longer display a separator as the first item or make space for invisible items, as well as for QtWidgets-based apps whose arrows in shortcuts windows are now HiDPI compatible. Also, Kirigami-based apps received some love too during this cycle as their draggable list items now move much more smoothly without any glitches.

Support for GTK/GNOME apps has been improved as well in KDE Frameworks 5.93, which implements a FreeDesktop standard for lists of recent documents. This will allow users to view a file that was opened in a KDE app as a recent document in the “Open File” dialog in a GTK app.

On top of that, KDE Frameworks 5.93 improves the Dolphin file manager by making the bar that shows a disk’s usage level always visible and by removing the extension on the pre-selected part of the filename for newly created files that use the “Create new file” standard functionality.

Among other changes, Plasma Vault was improved to make vaults using the CryFS and EncFS backends appear in the Places panel, the “Get New [thing]” dialogs now work for users of other languages than English, and various QtQuick controls now look much better for RTL (Right-to-Left) users.

The Breeze theme was improved as well in KDE Frameworks 5.93 to make the headings in Plasma widgets appear as expected when using the Breeze Light or Breeze Dark themes. There are more than 280 changes in this update so check out the full changelog for more details.

KDE Frameworks 5.93 will soon make its way into the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution so make sure that you update your KDE Plasma installations as soon as it’s available to enjoy the new improvements and bug fixes.

Last updated 2 years ago

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