KDE Plasma 5.21’s First Point Release Improves Support for Nvidia Optimus Laptops

KDE Plasma 5.21

The KDE Project announced today the first point release to the latest KDE Plasma 5.21 desktop environment series, addressing various bugs and crashes, and improving some things here and there.

KDE Plasma 5.21.1 is here just a week after the launch of KDE Plasma 5.21, which introduced a brand-new Kickoff application launchers, a new System Monitor app, a new dark theme, better Wayland support, and numerous other improvements.

This first point release is a maintenance update that fixes bugs to improve the Plasma Wayland session on Nvidia Optimus laptops so it will no longer crash on login, improve the new System Monitor app to no longer crash on launch when not using the optional systemd startup feature, and make the Task Manager let you run third-party executable programs pinned to it.

The new Kickoff application launcher has been updated as well to work with a stylus and improve the listing of apps in the “All Applications” category to no longer display items in lowercase if the first item begins with a lowercase letter.

In addition, these fixes improve the loading time of the Plasma desktop when the splash screen is disabled and you’re using the optional systemd startup feature, improves the log out action, improves wobbly windows, and improves support for non-default font settings when syncing your user settings to the SDDM login screen (supported on SDDM 0.19 or later).

KDE Plasma 5.21.1 also improves the Discover package manager to no longer truncate app reviews, make the “Write a review” sheet more usable, and display the correct screenshot of an app. Also improved is System Settings, whose sidebar header’s back arrow now looks well when using a non-Breeze icon theme.

Last but not least, this point release enables the keyboard repeat, updates the Hard Disk Activity widgets to display the correct information, and re-adds the option to disable screen tearing protection and maximize the refresh rate no matter what the GPU says in the KWin window manager.

All users using the KDE Plasma 5.21 desktop environment are recommended to update as soon as possible to the KDE Plasma 5.21.1 point release. Keep an eye on the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution for the 5.21.1 packages in the coming days.

Last updated 3 years ago

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