KDE Plasma 5.23.5 Released as the Last Update in the Series, Further Improves Plasma Wayland

KDE Plasma 5.23.5

The KDE Project released today KDE Plasma 5.23.5 as the fifth and last maintenance update in the KDE Plasma 5.23 desktop environment series with more bug fixes and improvements.

KDE Plasma 5.23.5 is here about five weeks after the KDE Plasma 5.23.4 update and it’s the last bugfix release for the KDE Plasma 5.23 “25th Anniversary Edition” desktop environment, further improving various components, such as the Plasma Wayland session, which received improvements to the advanced keyboard options, as well as to mouse and touchpad settings to let you toggle between Flat and Adaptive acceleration profiles.

Moreover, the Plasma Wayland session now lets users switch Activities without displaying a weird dummy entry in the Task Manager, improves mouse and keyboard input to no longer stop working after turning a monitor off and then back on again, and lets you apply a “No titlebar and frame” window rule without making the window very small.

The KDE Plasma 5.23.5 update also improves System Settings to no longer crash when trying to install or update Global Themes or when trying to use the Get New Global Themes window to update Global Themes, improves the Plasma Discover package manager to let you search through your installed apps without showing Flatpak apps. and improves the new Plasma System Monitor app to no longer crash when viewing processes in the tree view.

Also improved is the Kickoff application launcher, whose search function no longer fails when there are multiple instances running, the Digital Clock’s calendar view, which now always shows the right colors when using the Breeze Light Plasma theme or any other theme with hardcoded light colors, as well as the System Tray, which now makes itself translucent or opaque based on the settings of the parent panel.

Among other changes, Plasma now saves Bluetooth status on logout when using the “Remember” option, Plasma panels now load a lot faster on login, various apps that draw certain type of buttons no longer crash when using the Breeze application style, and accessing clipboard data through Klipper actions or DBus queries now provides the full text.

A bunch of memory leaks were patched in some Plasma components to no longer cause the KWin window and composite manager to crash when opening some third-party apps or the new Overview effect. Also, Plasma Audio Volume Control’s toggling Configure button was fixed to work on mouse click.

There are a total of 45 changes in this this update and you can always study the full changelog for more details. Meanwhile, if you’re using the KDE Plasma 5.23 desktop environment series, keep an eye on the stable software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution for the Plasma 5.23.5 packages and update as soon as possible.

Last updated 2 years ago

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