KDE Plasma 5.26.1 Finally Fixes the Infamous “Korners” Bug, Other Issues

KDE Plasma 5.26.1

The KDE Project announced today KDE Plasma 5.26.1 as the first point release to the latest and greatest KDE Plasma 5.26 desktop environment series to address various bugs and add more improvements.

KDE Plasma 5.26 arrived last week and it brought lots of exciting changes, but there’s always room for improvement, so KDE Plasma 5.26.1 is here to make your Plasma desktop experience better by addressing some issues, bugs, crashes, freezes, and other annoyances reported by users.

For example, KDE Plasma 5.26.1 improves the Media Player plasmoid to better handle multimedia apps with very barebones MPRIS implementations, such as Celluloid and Totem, updates the Plasma Discover package manager to be more stable and faster to open when there’s no active Internet connection, and make Plasma widget pop-ups properly respond to maximize and minimize keyboard shortcuts.

It also further improves the Plasma Wayland session by making the windows of various KDE apps raise to the top when they’re activated externally. For example, when System Settings is activated from KRunner, when activating Plasma Discover from KMoreTools menus, or when activating Dolphin from other apps.

As far as the bug fixing goes, KDE Plasma 5.26.1 finally addresses the infamous “Korners” bug by fixing the light-colored dots issue on rounded corners of dark panels, addresses a regression in KDE Plasma 5.26 that affected third-party KWin effects, and fixes an issue preventing symlinked images from appearing in wallpaper slideshows.

Also fixed the “Turn off screen” shortcut, which made the system unresponsive for some users, dragging and re-arranging of screens on the Display and Monitor page in System Settings, as well as reporting of overall progress information in the Plasma Discover package manager when installing or updating Flatpak apps.

On top of that, KDE Plasma 5.26.1 improves support for multi-monitor setups in the Plasma Wayland session to allow proper mirroring of external screens without inappropriately enabling the Do Not Disturb mode. Moreover, Chrome web apps now correctly display the same icon on an icons-only Task Manager.

There are 73 changes included in this first point release for the KDE Plasma 5.26 desktop environment series, so check out the full changelog for extra reading and technical details. Meanwhile, if you’re using KDE Plasma 5.26 on your GNU/Linux distribution, keep an eye on the stable repositories for the Plasma 5.26.1 updates!

Last updated 1 year ago

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