KDE’s November 2020 Apps Update Brings Improvements to Konsole, RKWard, and More

KDE's May 2020

KDE’s November 2020 Apps update is now rolling out to select GNU/Linux distributions with a bunch of improvements and bug fixes that improve many of your favorite KDE apps.

The biggest news is that the official kde.org/applications app store has a new home over at apps.kde.org, which not only is easier to remember but also easier to browse in other languages. If you’re new to KDE and you want to see what apps it includes, check out this unified place for browsing all of KDE’s apps.

And now for the updates, as KDE’s November 2020 Apps update (a.k.a. KDE Applications 20.08.3) introduces the latest Krita 4.4 release with its many new features and improvements, KDE Partition Manager 4.2 with improved /etc/fstab handling and support for partitions containing unknown file systems and mount points, and RKWard 0.7.2 IDE/GUI for R with lots of awesome changes that you can view here.

The Konsole terminal emulator also received some interesting changes, such as identical behavior for the two ways of maximizing a split view, a fix for duplicated context menu items as a result of right-clicking on the same link several times, a fix for the “Manage Profiles…” menu item to point users to the right place, the ability for the context menu to display the right number of “Open With…” and “Copy Location” items after right-clicking on different things.

In addition, the KDE Applications 20.08.3 release restores sending of SMS text messages with the KDE Connect app, improves the Gwenview image viewer to no longer accidentally display the thumbnail view as a separate window, which happened on system with newer Qt versions, and addresses a crash in the Okular document viewer that occurred when selecting text in annotations.

Other changes were implemented into the Dolphin file manger, which no longer shows only part of the contents of large Samba shares and correctly lists screenshots taken with the Spectacle screenshot utility in the Places Panel’s list of recent documents, as well as the file dialogs and various other software, and the Konversation IRC client, which now supports SVG nick icons and features a dark variant of the default nick icon theme.

Last but not least, this release improves the KRename file renaming utility to improve support for escapes in filenames with special characters, make its icons look sharp on HiDPI/4K monitors, and address a bug that made the app to close when the progress dialog was closed. Moreover, it’s now possible to connect to another device using fish:// URLs even if the target device does not have Perl installed.

KDE Applications 20.08.3 is the last update to the 20.08 series, but this won’t matter to regular users as KDE will continue its monthly Apps updates with the December 2020 release, which, in fact, it will be the upcoming KDE Applications 20.12 software suite series, due for release on the 10th of December. Until then, look for the KDE Applications 20.08.3 packages in your distro’s repositories and update as soon as possible.

Image credits: KDE Project

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