Latest BlackArch Linux ISO Adds More Than 150 New Hacking Tools, Linux 5.6

Latest BlackArch Linux ISO

The latest BlackArch Linux ISO release is now available for download with more than 150 new ethical hacking and penetration testing tools, a new kernel, and many other improvements.

Coming five months after the previous release, the BlackArch Linux 2020.06.01 ISOs are here packed with more than 150 new tools for all your penetration testing and ethical hacking needs.

According to the team, this latest BlackArch Linux ISO a high-quality release, which means that all the included packages have been quality tested and numerous bugs were fixed, including missing dependencies.

This is also the first BlackArch Linux release to ship with a newer kernel, namely Linux 5.6. The Linux kernel 5.6.14 is included in the ISO images for better hardware support.

However, being a rolling release operating system, users will be able to update to newer kernel versions from the stable software repositories as they become available.

The BlackArch Linux Installer has been updated as well, to version 1.1.45, to make the installation process more reliable and stable.

Other noteworthy changes include the replacement of the Wicd network connection manager with the WiFi Radar graphical tool, as well as the Wifi-menu/netctl network manager utility from Arch Linux.

Furthermore, the developers removed the unneeded VirtualBox services and disabled the iptables/ip6tables service.

Of course, all the BlackArch Linux tools and packages have been updated, including their configuration files. All the Vim plugins were updated as well, along with their configuration options.

As usual with any new BlackArch Linux release, the menus for the Awesome, Fluxbox and Openbox window managers have been updated to reflect the newly added tools.

You can download the latest BlackArch Linux release right now from the official website, where you’ll find 64-bit Live and Netinstall ISOs, as well as an OVA image to run on VirtualBox, VMware or QEMU.

Image: BlackArch Linux

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