Looks Like Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) Will Be Powered by Linux Kernel 5.13

Impish Indri

The soon-to-be-released Ubuntu 21.10 operating system is now powered by the Linux 5.13 kernel series, which looks to be the final and default kernel for the Impish Indri release.

With the upcoming Kernel Feature Freeze (September 16th) and Kernel Freeze (September 30th) development stages, it would appear that Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) is sticking with Linux kernel 5.13, which recently landed in the main archives of the distribution as the default kernel instead of the Linux 5.11 kernel used until now from the Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) release.

Linux kernel 5.13 has been released at the end of June 2021, and it introduces initial support for Apple’s M1 processor, support for the Landlock security module to create safe security sandboxes for mitigating the security impact of various flaws in user space apps, as well as the ability to handle ASN.1 trusted keys.

It also comes with some nice features for AMD users, such as initial support for the AMD Radeon “Aldebaran” GPU series, initial FreeSync HDMI support for AMD GPUs, and driver support for AMD NAVI GPUs. On top of that, Linux kernel 5.13 features support for Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 and Amazon’s Luna game controller.

It’s a great kernel release and it’s nice to see it in the upcoming Ubuntu 21.10 release by default. However, since Linux 5.13 isn’t an LTS (Long-Term Support) series, it will probably reach end of life before (or shortly after) Impish Indri hits the streets on October 14th, 2021.

But that shouldn’t bother users much considering the fact that Ubuntu 21.10 isn’t an LTS release either, which means that it will be supported for merely nine month. After all, the Ubuntu kernel team is always tracking the latest Linux kernel releases, so you’ll be able to install a newer one at any time.

Next week, on September 23rd, we will be able to download and test the beta release of Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri), which will probably ship with the GNOME 41 desktop environment by default, as well as GCC 11, LLVM 13, and PHP 8.0, also as default.

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Last updated 3 years ago

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