Meet Super Container OS, a Debian-Based Live Distro with a Built-In Container Engine

Super Container OS

I told you I love new projects, right? Well, today I have a brand-new distro that I’d like to introduce you to, called Super Container OS, and targeted at developers who want to run containerized apps.

The Super Container OS developer Harshad Joshi pinged me earlier on Twitter earlier to check out his new distro, which he says it’s a live and installable Linux OS that comes pre-loaded with a container engine powered by Docker and systemd-nspawn.

Based on the Bufferstack.IO computing platform, Super Container OS wants to be the ideal tool for those who want to create, deploy and distribute apps that can run on IIoT Gateways, servers, or even virtual machines.

Now that Container Linux from CoreOS is no more, I guess we need more alternatives. Super Container OS is based on the latest Debian GNU/Linux 10 “Buster” operating system series and aims to make deploying, running and managing containerized applications easier by using OS level virtualization.

The distro includes everything you need to run containerized applications, such as code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, and settings. Under the hood, it makes use of the popular Docker container engine and systemd-nspawn for running a command or OS in a lightweight namespace container.

The OS is quite small in size due to the fact that it doesn’t ship with a desktop environment. The ISO image is both a live one, which means you can use it directly from a USB bootable drive without installing anything on your computer, and installable.

Super Container OS

If you end up installing it, you can manage your Docker images by using the Portainer utility, an open-source software that makes Docker management a breeze. To install Portainer, you’ll have to run the following command as root.

sudo docker run -d -p 9000:9000 --restart always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /opt/portainer:/data portainer/portainer

Then, you can log into Portainer from any devices just by pointing a web browser to the IP address of the computer where you’ve installed the distro, using port 9000.

Super Container OS

Whether you’re an application programmer, a system integrator or an OEM, give Super Container OS a try as you might just find it helpful for your next project, especially if you’re into containers. You can download the live ISO image below.

Update 15.08.20: Super Container OS has a new release that contains both Kubernetes and the Xen hypervisor for creating cloud clusters. Additionally, it now features two kernels for bare machine installations, a normal kernel and one with Xen hypervisor.

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