Mir 2.2 Released with Support for Software Buffers on X11, Wayland, and GBM/KMS

Mir 2.2

Mir 2.2 Wayland compositor has been released today and it’s now available for download from its GitHub page, adding various improvements and bug fixes.

Developed by Canonical, Mir aims to offer a display stack that currently aims to provide a Wayland compositor designed ti make the transition from X11 to Wayland a breeze for many users. It’s a well-tested and performant platform that’s being actively used in the Ubuntu Touch mobile OS from UBports.

The new release, Mir 2.2, comes with better VM compatibility by implementing support for software buffers on X11, Wayland, and GBM/KMS, the ability to add and drop Wayland extensions, composite-bypass for Wayland clients, and improved handling of the DRM_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID Wayland extension.

Also for the Wayland platform, the Mir 2.2 release fixes sending of invalid modifiers in linux-dmabuf, correctly reports the host refresh rate, and flushes Wayland messages on the correct thread.

On X11, this release enables picking up of the minimum and maximum size and adds support for undecorated windows.

Moreover, Mir 2.2 is the first release of the Wayland compositor to add metapackages for each of the supported graphics platforms on the Debian GNU/Linux operating system for better compatibility. Logical output group (display wall) support has been added as well.

Last but not least, the performance tests were updated to use an EGL visual with no alpha channel, the MirAL app received a more robust launcher script, FTBFS support was improved for Fedora Rawhide, which no longer causes the Mir server to crash when starting an X11 client, and fixes the --startup-apps option for mir-kiosk.

You can find more details on the changes implemented in the Mir 2.2 release on the GitHub release announcement, from where you can also download the source archive if you want to compile it on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution if you can’t wait for the official packages to be updated.

Last updated 3 years ago

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