Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 Released with Better Support for Volla Phone, More Android 9 Devices

Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 Released

UBports released today the Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 software update of their Ubuntu-based mobile operating system for Linux smartphones and tablets.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 improves support for Android 9 devices, especially for the forthcoming Volla Phone, which will start shipping to backers this month with a variant powered by Ubuntu Touch.

These improvements include better camera support, flashlight support, proper loading of hardware media codecs, functional external display support using HardwareComposer2, as well as the ability to close apps using swipe gestures.

The Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 update also adds various improvements to the Contacts and Messaging apps to make them easier to use, better support for compiling Ubuntu Touch software on newer distributions, as well as an updated UBports Installer with support for the Xiaomi Redmi 4X and Nexus 6P phones, and Sony Xperia Z4 tablet.

Another interesting feature in this release is the ability for Ubuntu Touch to reroute media to Bluetooth headset or car kit on disconnection and re-connection. Other changes include full-screen support for the Morph web browser on Wayland devices and a new “Screenshot” button in the Power menu.

“This makes it possible to take a screenshot when you don’t have a keyboard with a Print Screen key or if your device’s volume buttons can’t be pressed at the same time (like on the PinePhone),” said UBports.

Last but not least, Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 adds a new splash image to the External Drives app, improves SMS/MMS message handling, improves dark theme support in Lomiri UI Toolkit dialogs, and introduces several other bug fixes to provide Ubuntu Phone users with a more stable and reliable experience.

The software update is rolling out now to all supported devices. Uses should be able to update in the coming days by going into System Settings > Updates and applying the released OTA-14 Ubuntu Touch update.

Last updated 4 years ago

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