Mozilla Thunderbird 102 Released with New Address Book, Import/Export Wizard

Mozilla Thunderbird 102

The Mozilla Thunderbird open-source, cross-platform, and free email and calendaring client has been updated today to version 102, a major release that adds many new features and enhancements.

After the big announcement earlier this month that Mozilla Thunderbird is coming to Android devices, the project released today Mozilla Thunderbird 102 as the first major new series of the popular email client almost a year after the release of Mozilla Thunderbird 91.

Highlights of Mozilla Thunderbird 102 include a new address book that supports importing of contacts in the vCard format, refreshes the design of the contact cards with new contact entries, and makes it a lot easier to navigate and interact with your contacts.

Thunderbird 102 also comes with a brand-new import/export wizard that finally makes it easier to import and export accounts and data without relying on third-party add-ons. The new import/export wizard lets you migrate from a file, SeaMonkey, or another Thunderbird installation.

“We’ve also taken extra precautions to ensure that no data is accidentally duplicated in your profile after an import. To that end, none of the actions you choose are executed until the very last step in the process,” said the devs.

Also new in Mozilla Thunderbird 102 is out-of-the-box support for the popular Matrix decentralized chat protocol, redesigned message header to better highlight important information and to make it easier to navigate it, as well as a new Link Preview Cards feature that lets you share rich preview links in your emails.

But wait, that’s not all as Thunderbird 102 also introduces a new productivity feature called Spaces Toolbar under View >Toolbars, which promises to make it easier and more convenient to move between different activities, such as email, calendar, tasks, chat, address book, and so on.

On top of all these goodies, the new Thunderbird release also adds support for multiple active spelling dictionaries in compose window, further improves OpenPGP support and enables the Key Assistant by default, updates the tab icons, improves the Addon Manager, which no longer shows incompatible add-ons in search results and features back/forward keyboard shortcuts, adds OTR Chat encryption to the Chat component, and improves Dark Mode and theme support.

Moreover, a notification bar will now be displayed in the compose window to notify you that encryption is possible but not enabled, a message will now be displayed when an upgrade migration task is taking too long to complete, OAuth2 is now supported for Google Talk chat accounts, printing without preview is now possible using the system dialog, and there are significant performance improvements when moving messages between IMAP folders.

Of course, there are numerous bug fixes to make your Thunderbird experience better, so check out the full release notes for more details. Meanwhile, you can download the Mozilla Thunderbird 102 release right now from the official website if you want to enjoy all the new features and improvements.

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