Mozilla Thunderbird 115 Released with Supernova UI, OpenPGP Improvements

This release introduces an intuitive app menu, sortable folder modes, modern cards view, and improved Calendar design.
Mozilla Thunderbird 115

The Mozilla Thunderbird team announced today the general availability of the long-anticipated Thunderbird 115 “Supernova” release for this very popular open-source, cross-platform, and free email, calendar, and chat client.

Dubbed “Supernova”, Thunderbird 115 comes with the Supernova UI which features an updated 3-pane window with refreshed folder, message list, and message display panes, updated Quick Filter, Calendar, and Address Book with a new Vertical view, and a dynamic unified toolbar.

“Supernova features a single dynamic toolbar, presenting frequently used and contextual options based on the tab or Space that is currently active. Take full control by customizing the toolbar and window layout to perfectly fit your workflow,” said the devs.

In addition, there’s a new icon for the display options, the icons for the “Calendar”, “Tasks New”, and “Edit” tabs have been updated, new “Move To” and “Copy To” actions were added to the Folder context menu, and a new option was added to show tags in the Folder Pane meatball menu.

Thunderbird 115 also comes with an improved OpenPGP implementation that now allows for user-defined OpenPGP passphrases, enables combined signing and encryption for OpenPGP messages by default, and adds the ability to open OpenPGP key manager’s context menu using keyboard shortcuts.

Moreover, this release enables the uploading of OpenPGP public keys to VKS and HKP keyservers, shows OpenPGP signature dates for signed messages, enables the discovery and importing of OpenPGP candidate keys from GnuPG keyrings, and adds the .asc file extension for all OpenPGP signature filenames.

Thunderbird 115 also supports HKP keyservers that return one key per email address, notifies users if an email includes nested encryption and allows them to view each encrypted part of the message, and lets you enable or disable encryption through the UI, as well as open the OpenPGP Key Manager dialog from CLI.

On top of that, Thunderbird can now automatically add new folders to virtual parent folders and saved searches, supports opening of external .eml files in a tab, supports OAuth2 authentication for Fastmail, and sends a minimal user-agent header (or no header at all) by default.

It’s also now possible to use CSS styles in the email composer, search for about:config in Settings, enable logging of updates, individually reload remote calendars, use OS-configure timezones, and add phone and fax number links to address book cards.

Of course, there are also various bug fixes that improve existing functionality, such as the ability to reorganize Newsgroups using drag and drop, the ability to correctly announce the Message List to screen readers when in unthreaded mode, as well as the ability to right-click on unselected messages in the Message List.

Office 365 support was improved as well in Thunderbird 115, which also adds a new “Show tasks in calendar” option to the Calendar Control menu, reuses SMTP connections when sending multiple messages, opens all external links from the 3-pane window in the user’s browser, and renders HTML emails in Standards mode.

Mozilla Thunderbird 115 is available for download right now from the official website. As with previous major Thunderbird releases, this update doesn’t come as an upgrade from Thunderbird 102 or earlier versions. You will need to perform a fresh installation.

To read more about all the changes implemented in this release, check out the full release notes.

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