Mozilla Thunderbird 78.2 Released with More OpenPGP Improvements

Mozilla Thunderbird 78.2

After pushing the Firefox 80 web browser to the stable channel and Firefox 81 to the beta seed, Mozilla has now released the a new version of his popular and open-source email client, Thunderbird 78.2.

Coming a month after Thunderbird 78.1, the Thunderbird 78.2 release is here to further improve the recent OpenPGP implementation, which lets users send encrypted emails with ease.

In Mozilla Thunderbird 78.2, saved drafts are now encrypted by default when OpenPGP is enabled, encrypted email is now send even if the email address contains uppercase characters, and automatic signing for encrypted messages now works in more scenarios.

Mozilla also improved OpenPGP’s Key Manager search function, which didn’t work in previous releases, updated the Key Properties dialog to no longer appear too small in same cases, and made the “Key ID” column resizable in the Key Manager.

Furthermore, OpenPGP Key generation is now disabled by default when there’s no default email account configured in the application and users can now import OpenPGP keys that contain invalid UTF-8 strings.

There are many other bug fixes and improvements around the OpenPGP implementation in Thunderbird 78.2, which remains disable by default for now. To enable it, please follow my instructions here.

Apart from the numerous OpenPGP improvements, Mozilla Thunderbird 78.2 also removes the Twitter search, makes the event summary dialog in the Calendar themeable, and adds caching support to MailExtensions.

Various UX and theme improvements are in place as well, including the ability to disable Adaptive Junk Mail settings, the ability to zoom in the message reader using Ctrl+scroll wheel, and support for dragging and dropping address book contacts.

IMAP support was also improved to prevent corruption when downloading large attachments from an IMAP server that supports chunking and to force Thunderbird recheck an IMAP server’s capabilities after upgrading to a SSL/TLS encrypted connection.

Migration of address books should now work better and users ca now change the order of attachments in th Message Composer using drag and drop. For more details on all fixes included in Thunderbird 78.2, check out the release notes.

You can download Mozilla Thunderbird 78.2 right now from the official website. While it’s still not possible to upgrade from Thunderbird 68 or previous releases, you’ll be able to upgrade from Thunderbird 78 or later.

Meanwhile, Mozilla is working hard on the next major release, Thunderbird 80, which will probably enable the OpenPGP implementation by default and offer direct upgrades from earlier Thunderbird versions. Thunderbird 80 is currently in public beta testing you can try it right here.

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