Netrunner 20.01 “Twenty” Arrives as Project’s 10th Anniversary Release

Netrunner 20.01

Blue Systems released today Netrunner 20.01, a major version of the Debian-based distribution to celebrate the project’s 10th anniversary and also the 10th release of Netrunner Desktop.

On March 18th, Netrunner will celebrate 10 years since the release of its first ever version, Netrunner 1 “Albedo,” and what better way to celebrate this major milestone than with a new release. Meet Netrunner 20.01 “Twenty.”

As its codename suggests, Netrunner 20.01 “Twenty” is also the project’s twentieth release. It is based on Debian GNU/Linux 10.3 “Buster” and comes with a refreshed look and feel and updated packages.

The first thing users will probably notice when running Netrunner 20.01 is the more polished Indigo theme that was introduced with the Netrunner 19.08 release 6 months ago. Besides the anniversary wallpaper, the theme is now using the Kvantum theming engine, which makes it more sleek.

“Theming-wise, the switch to the Breeze Window decoration with its darker color increases the contrast and makes it easier to distinguish between active and inactive windows. The red colored cursor (RED-Theme) allows to quickly locate the cursor on the screen and has a retro vibe to it,” explained the devs.

On top of that, the Netrunner 20.01 release updates the default web browser to Mozilla Firefox 68.5.0 ESR and the default email and news client to Mozilla Thunderbird 68.5.0. Of course, it also comes with all the latest security and software updates from the Debian Buster repositories.

The included KDE packages are a bit old as this release ships with the KDE Plasma 5.14.5 desktop environment, as well as the KDE Applications 18.08.0 and KDE Frameworks 5.54.0 software suites, compiled against Qt 5.11.3.

You can download Netrunner 20.01 “Twenty” right now from the official website. However, if you’re already running Netrunner 19.08, you don’t have to as it’s possible to get all the updates by running the sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade command in a terminal emulator.

Netrunner 20.01

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