Nextcloud Hub 22 Launches with Approval Workflows, Integrated PDF Signing, and More

Nextcloud Hub 22

Nextcloud Hub, the industry-leading, open source, and on-premises team productivity platform, has been updated today to version 22, a major release that introduces new features and many improvements.

Optimized for the modern, digital office, Nextcloud Hub 22 introduces new features like user-defined groups called Circles, an integrated knowledge management application called Collectives, integrated chat and task management, an easy approval workflow, as well as integrated PDF signing with DocuSign, EIDEasy and LibreSign.

All these features are here to facilitate team collaboration, allowing users to create their own teams and manage memberships, empowers teams to manage themselves, allow employees to request approval on a document and management to respond, making it easier to share tasks into a chat room, and allow users to request a formal signature on a PDF document.

The new Collectives knowledge management app is fully integrated with the Circles user-defined groups and allows users to edit documents in real time. It also features pages and sub-pages to structure knowledge, cross-document links to connect information, as well as full-text search to easy find the information you need.

“The last year has demanded an acceleration of digitalization in organizations and the market is moving towards more comprehensive digital collaboration solutions,” says Frank Karlitschek, Nextcloud CEO. “Nextcloud has aligned its roadmap to the reality of new work in modern organizations, delivering the capabilities needed for the paperless office.”

Nextcloud Hub 22 also introduces a series of improvements to Nextcloud Groupware, such as a Trash Bin in the Calendar to allow users to recover deleted calendar items, along with resource booking capabilities for handling various resources in an organization, such as cars, meeting rooms, etc.

Also updated is the Nextcloud Mail app, which now features improved threading, email tagging, and support for Sieve filtering. Moreover, the Nextcloud Deck project management tool now comes with improved search, Nextcloud Talk integration, as well as support for directly attaching documents to a task from within the Nextcloud Files file manager.

Among other noteworthy changes, Nextcloud Hub 22 brings support for notifications in the app navigation, integrated ZIP file compression in the Nextcloud Files file manager, a major performance boost to the universal search functionality, and several security hardenings.

Nextcloud Hub 22 is available right now as a source archive from the official website for those who want to deploy their own Nextcloud Hub instance. Also, starting today, Nextcloud Hub is available on the IONOS Cloud in the UK. Meanwhile, you can see Nextcloud Hub 22 in action in the screenshots and videos below.

User-defined groups (a.k.a. Circles)
Integrated knowledge management (a.k.a. Collectives)
Deck and Talk integration
Approval workflows and PDF signatures

Images and videos courtesy of Nextcloud

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