Pitivi 2023.03 Video Editor Brings Back Autoaligner, Adds More Precise Audio Waveforms

This release also introduces automatic timeline seeking when starting playback and the playhead is at the end.
Pitivi 2023.03

Pitivi, the open-source and free GStreamer-based video editor designed with a strong focus on efficiency, quality, and usability, has been updated to version 2023.03, the first release of the project in 2023.

Pitivi 2023.03 has been in development for the past nine months, superseding the Pitivi 2022.06 release, but it doesn’t look like it’s a big update as it only adds a couple of new features and smaller improvements.

For example, Pitivi 2023.03 makes audio waveforms more precise when you look at them and implements automatic seeking to the start of the timeline when starting playback while the playhead is at the end to save you a click.

This release also brings back the automatic clip alignment (autoaligner) feature that was present in the Pitivi 0.15.x releases to allow you to align two or more video clips based on their audio stream with a single click of a button. The previous autoaligner used the audio waveforms processing module, but the new implementation uses a new waveforms cache generator and GES Assets.

Some issues that were present in previous releases have been addressed as well, such as adding an effect via drag and drop, automatic changing of the ruler font size when changing the system-wide font scaling factor, or copying or alpha and volume keyframes.

That’s all I know about the Pitivi 2023.03 release since the developers did not yet publish a blog post with more details about the improvements or other changes implemented during this development cycle. But rest assured that I will update this post as soon as I have more information.

Pitivi 2023.03 is currently available only as a source tarball that you’ll have to compile on your GNU/Linux distribution, which you can download right now from the project’s GitLab page. A Flatpak version of the software is also available for installation from Flathub.

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