PulseAudio 16 Released with Bluetooth Improvements, Opus Support in RTP Modules

PulseAudio 16

The PulseAudio open-source sound server system for POSIX operating systems has been updated today to version 16, another major release that introduces new features, as well as numerous improvements for better audio.

My GNU/Linux distro users still using PulseAudio would be happy to learn that PulseAudio 16 is here with battery level reporting for Bluetooth devices to other software, stereo output support for the EPOS/Sennheiser GSP 670 wireless gaming headset and SteelSeries GameDAC Hi-Res sound card DAC (Digital Audio Converter), as well as profiles for the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 MKII premium 6-channel audio interface.

PulseAudio 16 also improves input support for Texas Instruments PCM2902-based USB sound cards, especially for recording, implements the ability for users to configure desired latency for the tunnel sink and source modules, improves the accuracy of tunnel and combine-sink latency in an attempt to iron out any audio synchronization issues, and adds Opus codec support in the RTP modules, which only works when compiling PulseAudio with GStreamer enabled.

Among other changes, this release of PulseAudio introduces new sink_enabled and source_enabled arguments to the module-jackdbus-detect component to allow you to disable either the sink or the source, a new reconnect_interval_ms argument to all four tunnel sink and source modules for automatic reconnection to the remote server when the connection fails, as well as a new remix argument to the module-combine-sink component for disabling normal remixing.

Other than that, PulseAudio 16 improves the module-loopback component with a new adjust_threshold_usec argument that can be used to fine-tune the controller algorithm, the ability to set the adjust_time argument to values smaller than 1 second for tighter latency control, and disables logging by default.

For more details on the new features and improvements implemented in PulseAudio 16, check out the full release notes. Meanwhile, if your distro is still using PulseAudio as the default sound system or in combination with PipeWire, you should update your installations to the 16.0 release, which you can either download from the official website or install it from your distro’s repositories in the coming days or weeks.

Last updated 2 years ago

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