Qt Creator 10 Open-Source IDE Released with LLVM 16 Support, CMake Improvements

This release enables the ClangFormat plugin by default for indentation and automatically adapts the includes and references in C++ projects.
Qt Creator 10

The Qt Company announced today the release and general availability of Qt Creator 10 as the latest stable version of this open-source, cross-platform, and free IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for those who want to build Qt-based apps.

Qt Creator 10 comes more than four months after Qt Creator 9 and introduces new features like the ability to temporarily drag the progress details out of the visible area and support for the “Open as Centered Popup” option to remember the last search term typed into the input field.

This release also adds support for the latest LLVM 16 compiler infrastructure to further improve C++ 20 support in Clang, as well as the interaction between Qt Creator and Clangd. Also for C++ support, Qt Creator 10 enables the ClangFormat plugin by default for indentation.

Furthermore, Qt Creator now automatically adapts the includes and references when renaming .ui files or the form defined in a .ui file for C++ projects, adds a new “Find Unused Functions” action under Tools > C++ to help you find dead code in your C++ projects, and adds a Call Hierarchy view for all language servers.

CMake support was improved as well in Qt Creator 10 with support for includes, the external strategy for architecture and toolset, and the pathListSep variable, a new option under CMake > Formatter for using cmake-format to format CMake-related files, and a new deploy step that you can add to your project configuration under Projects > Run Settings > Add Deploy Step.

On top of that, this release adds support for handling the code model remotely via remote Clangd when building on a Docker device, updates the ClangFormat plugin to also work on remote files in a Docker container, and makes it possible to directly browse the file system on remote targets.

Check out the full changelog for more details about the changes implemented in Qt Creator 10, which is available for download right now from the official website as a universal binary installer for virtually any GNU/Linux distribution. The source tarball is also available for download from the same location.

Last updated 11 months ago

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