Thunderbird 91 Promises New Account Setup Wizard with CalDAV Support, Encryption, and More

Thunderbird 91

The next major version of the popular Mozilla Thunderbird email, news, and chat client, version 91, will be out soon with a revamped account setup wizard that brings a new, modern look and new features.

After Thunderbird 78 comes Thunderbird 91, probable due for release next week as part of the Mozilla Firefox 91 web browser and promising lots of enhancements, new features, and improvements to everyone’s favorite email client.

The biggest change, however, is a brand new account setup wizard, and I want you to be the first to see it in action and learn about its new features. First, the new account setup wizard has been modernized and looks pretty cool, even if you probably won’t use it anytime soon if you already have Thunderbird install.

But, the next you’re gonna use Thunderbird 91’s new account setup wizard, you should know that it supports detection of CalDAV calendars, email signatures, the ability to connect to an address book during setup to make it easier to import your contacts, as well as to setup encryption.

In additon to the new account setup wizard, Thunderbird 91 also major and highly anticipated new features like support for importing and exporting Thunderbird profiles, the ability to encrypt mail to BCC recipients, Quick Find in the multi-message view, and the ability to suggest replacements for discontinued or incompatible add-ons.

There are also visual improvements to the calendar display, the message compose window, and the message reader UI. On top of that, Thunderbird 91 will ship with undo and redo support for event and task creation and deletion, as well as per-calendar and global notification settings.

Of course, since this is a major release, there will be many other changes and bug fixes to make your email, calendar, and news experience much better. Stay tuned right here on 9to5Linux for the final release of Thunderbird 91 next week as I will tell you all about its new features and improvements.

Last updated 3 years ago

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