Xfce’s Screenshot Tool Now Lets You Save Screenshots in AVIF and JXL Image Formats

The utility now also saves your preferences between restarts and improves handling of file permissions.
Xfce's Screenshot Tool

Xfce’s screenshot tool xfce4-screenshooter has been updated to version 1.10.4, a release that introduces support for saving screenshots in two new lossless image formats, AVIF and JPEG XL.

If you’re an avid user of the lightweight Xfce desktop environment and you’ve been waiting for its default screenshot utility to let you save screenshots in the AV1 Image Format (AVIF) or JPEG XL, the wait is over as these image formats are now supported as of version 1.10.4.

Until now, Xfce’s screenshot tool only allowed you to save screenshots in PNG, JPG, BMP, and WebP image formats. Starting with version 1.10.4, which is already available in the stable software repositories of various GNU/Linux distributions, you’ll now get AVIF and JXL options.

While AVIF will be available as an option you can select from the drop-down list of supported image formats when saving a screenshot, JXL is not available there. However, you can append .jxl to your screenshot when saving it.

JPEG XL support will work only if you have the libjxl library installed on your GNU/Linux distribution. On the other hand, the AVIF (AV1 Image Format) format will require the libavif library to be installed on your system. Both libraries are supported by the GDK Pixbuf Loader plugin.

Both AVIF and JPEG XL formats are a welcome addition to Xfce’s default screenshot tool as they have the potential to save you a lot of space if you’re used to storing many screenshots. In addition, they support lossy and lossless compression.

The xfce4-screenshooter 1.10.4 release also adds the ability to remember your configuration file settings between restarts, improves handling of file permissions, and updates several language translations. For more details, check out the changelog.

Without further ado, I’ll let you update your GNU/Linux distribution to xfce4-screenshooter 1.10.4 if you want to enjoy the new features and improvements mentioned in this article.

Last updated 11 months ago

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