Arch Linux Installer Archinstall 2.8 Increases ESP Size to 1 GiB, Fixes More Bugs

This release also updates microcode handling, sets the keyboard layout for the minimal installation, and adds udev sync before lsblk that follows formatting.
Archinstall 2.7

Archinstall 2.8 has been released today as the latest version of Arch Linux’s text-mode installer to address various bugs, update translations, and also add a few improvements.

Archinstall 2.8 is here to increase the default size of the ESP system partition to 1 GiB so that users no longer run out of space, update the link on how to resize the booted ISO root partition, update microcode handling, set the keyboard layout for the minimal installation, and add udev sync before lsblk that follows formatting.

This release also fixes a bunch of bugs from previous releases to improve the partition table commit, enabling of testing repositories, custom mirrors, displaying of installed packages for all profile submenus, the start and length of the /home partition, fstab line endings, Btrfs mount options, and GRUB boot directory.

On top of that, Archinstall 2.8 switches from the weekly official to the daily official image, improves the README file, and updates translations for several languages including Czech, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Tamil, Spanish, and Turkish.

For more details about the changes implemented in the Archinstall 2.8 release of Arch Linux’s installer, check out the release notes on the project’s GitHub page, from where you can also download the source tarball.

However, this release will be included by default in the upcoming Arch Linux ISO snapshot for May 2024, namely Arch Linux 2024.05.01, to make installation Arch Linux more stable and reliable for newcomers, but also for existing users who want to reinstall their systems.

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