Shotcut 24.04 Open-Source Video Editor Released with Ambisonic Encoder Filter

This release also introduces Audio Vector and Audio Surround view scopes, as well as a new Time Format setting.
Shotcut 24.04

The open-source, cross-platform, and free video editor Shotcut has been updated to version 24.04, a release that enhances Ambisonic spatial (spherical) audio support and fixes various bugs.

Coming almost two months after Shotcut 24.02, this new release introduces an Ambisonic Encoder audio filter to enhance the ambisonic spatial (spherical) audio support introduced in the previous version. Moreover, Shotcut 24.04 adds an indication to the on-video control for the new Ambisonic Decoder audio filter.

Shotcut 24.04 also introduces two new view scops, namely Audio Vector and Audio Surround, adds a new Time Format setting to show everywhere that timecode is displayed or editable, and adds a new “Apply Copied Filters” option to Timeline > Edit menu and the context menu with support for handling multiple selected video clips.

On top of that, the new Shotcut release adds Undo and Redo support for adding, removing, and changing keyframes to the Fade In Audio, Fade Out Audio, Gain / Volume, Brightness, Color Grading, Contrast, Fade In Video, Fade Out Video, Text: Rich, Size, Position & Rotate, and White Balance filters.

Several bugs were addressed to improve the Elastic Scale video filter to distort with preview scaling, the Settings > Audio Channels > 4 (quad) option, the Zoom Timeline to Fit option, as well as batch analysis for the Stabilize video filter on export with a project folder.

Also fixed is a crash that occurred if the Keyframes panel is in a tab group along with the Filters panel, color support in Properties > Convert > Best if the input video is BT.709 without signaling, conversion prompt when dropping incompatible video files, and the Filters panel to apply changes after moving the clip on the Timeline.

Check out the release notes for extra reading and technical details about the changes included in this update. Meanwhile, you can download Shotcut 24.04 from the official website as a universal AppImage or portable Linux binary that you can run on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything.

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