Armbian 21.08 Released with Xfce, Cinnamon, and Budgie Desktops, Debian Bullseye Builds

Armbian 21.08

The Armbian project released today Armbian 21.08 as a new major version of this Linux-based distribution for single-board computers powered by ARM processors.

The Armbian 21.08 release appears to be a very important update as it comes with upgraded builds based on the latest Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux releases, such as Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) and Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye,” as well as new desktop environment flavors like Xfce, Cinnamon, and Budgie.

This move puts Armbian on-par with many well-known distributions that offer support for ARM devices, and, on top of that, it lets users easily create their own Linux distribution. In addition to the desktop flavors, the Armbian 21.08 release also comes with Minimal and Server editions for advanced users.

“Armbian has powerful build system which can build a whole Linux distribution, an OS image or a kernel. Key advantages are simplicity, speed and excellent hardware support. Provides native or cross compilation,” said the devs.

Other changes in this update include support for the Linux 5.13 kernel series, fast and effective automated language selection during the first run, support for both ZSH or GNU Bash shells, QEMU virtual Armbian builds, support for OpenZFS 2.1, 3D support, and initial support for the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

Hardware-wise, Armbian 21.08 features support for Khadas VIM1, Khadas VIM2, Khadas VIM3, Khadas Edge, Avnet MicroZed boards, mainline based SPI boot support for ODROID-HC4 boards, CSC images for Tinker Board 2 and ROCK Pi N10 boards, legacy kernel support for Orange Pi Zero2 and NVIDIA Jetson boards, as well as VPU support for Rockchip devices.

Of course, numerous bugs were squashed to make Armbian run better, more stable and reliable on all supported devices. For more details on all of the changes, check out the release announcement page and grab the Armbian 21.08 release for your favorite single-board computer or ARM device right now from the official website.

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