Calamares 3.3.6 Linux Installer Improves Support for Plymouth Splash Screens

It also adds optional Active Directory enrollment, sleep prevention during installation, and fixes time zones for some cities.
Calamares 3.3.2

Adriaan de Groot released today Calamares 3.3.6 as a new maintenance update in the latest Calamares 3.3 series of this popular graphical installer for Linux-based operating systems.

Highlights of the Calamares 3.3.6 release include improvements for systems using the Plymouth splash screen by adding the “splash” parameter to kernel parameters during the bootloader installation. It also adds support for using plymouth-set-default-theme to avoid issues with your Plymouth configuration.

On top of that, Calamares’ Users module has been updated with optional Active Directory enrollment if enabled (thanks to our friend Simon Quigley), and Calamares now prevents your system from entering sleep and suspend while the installation is running, so that unattended installs do not accidentally fall asleep.

The Locale module received a fix to pick up the correct timezone for Dubai, Muscat, and Tehran. Various Qt 6-related fixes are present as well in the Calamares 3.3.6 release, which is available for download right now from the project’s GitHub page or the official website.

You should see the Calamares 3.3.6 release as the default graphical installer in the next releases of your favorite GNU/Linux distributions if the maintainers of these distros pick it up.

Recent Calamares releases in the Calamares 3.3 series also introduced support for logging more information about how the executable was created in the session log on startup to help in recreating the specific configuration when bug reports are filed, support for configuring an alternate SDDM configuration file, a microcode hook in initcpiocfg, and improved Netplan support for Ubuntu.

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