Calibre 5.31 Ebook Manager Adds Support the New Kindle Paperwhite 2021

Calibre 5.31

Kovid Goyal released today Calibre 5.31 as the latest version of his ever popular ebook reader, manager, and organizer software for the Linux desktop.

New Calibre versions are released almost every Friday, but the Calibre 5.31 release is a bit more important than others because it introduces support for the new Kindle Paperwhite 2021 ebook reader from Amazon. That’s right, if you own the Kindle Paperwhite 2021, you can now use Calibre to manage ebooks in the device.

Furthermore, this release adds support for EPUB 3 landmarks in the Set Semantics tool under the Edit Book component and moves the option that allows Calibre to recognize numbers when sorting from Preferences > Tweaks to Preferences > Behavior.

It also updates the E-book Viewer components with a new button that lets users directly open the viewer help section in the Calibre user manual to the viewer controls and adds an entry in the Connect/Share menu to let you open the content server in a local browser when it’s running.

A couple of bugs were fixed as well, such as failing OPDS feeds that contained non-ASCII content in the Content server and incorrect first letter partitioning when numeric collation of items that start with a number is enabled in the Tag browser.

If you own an e book reader, Calibre is a must-have tool on your GNU/Linux desktop. You can download Calibre 5.31 right now from the official website as a 64-bit binary that requires no installation (just extract the archive and double click the ‘calibre’ file).

If you have Calibre installed from the software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution, you will have to wait until the maintainers update the package in archives before updating. However, I highly recommend that you use the official binary mentioned above, this way you get instant access to the newest features.

Update: Calibre 5.31.1 was released shortly after version 5.31 to also fix a bug in the HTML serialization library that broke the comments editor tool in the metadata dialog.

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