Calibre 7.4 Open-Source Ebook Manager Adds Support for Supernote A6X2 Nomad

This release also adds the ability for users to assign keyboard shortcuts to the tag browser sort functions and other UI enhancements.
Calibre 7.4

Kovid Goyal announced today the release of Calibre 7.4 as the latest version of this open-source, free, powerful, and cross-platform ebook management software for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows systems.

Calibre 7.4 is here to introduce support for the Supernote A6X2 Nomad device, an elegant electronic notebook for taking notes, annotating, and reading. The Supernote A6X2 Nomad offers a distraction-free reading experience and a paper-like tablet writing experience.

Apart from support for the Supernote A6X2 Nomad device, this release adds a few UI enhancements like the ability for users to assign keyboard shortcuts to the tag browser sort functions, as well as a new keyboard shortcut (Alt+Shift+L) for toggling the main window layout.

On top of that, it adds a button to the Category notes browser to search for books in the currently selected category and introduces a Narrow layout by placing the cover browser above the book list when the window has a narrow aspect ratio (this can be adjusted from Preferences > Look & feel > Cover browser).

Several bugs were addressed in this new Calibre update, including a regression causing the Cover browser to refuse to close when it’s used as a separate window, a regression causing comments in the Book details panel to be rendered below instead at the side of other information, and a bug causing the highlighting of special characters to not change immediately after they’re edited.

Last but not least, starting with this release, the Preferences was moved to the left in the default toolbar layout to prevent it from being hidden behind an expander button on devices with small screens. Calibre 7.4 also improves the Foreign Policy, LiveMint, and New Scientist news sources.

You can download Calibre 7.4 right now from the official website, where you’ll find ready-to-run binaries for 64-bit AMD64 and ARM64 systems. Of course, you’ll also be able to install this release from your distribution’s stable repositories in the coming days, or as a Flatpak app from Flathub.

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