Devuan GNU+Linux 4.0 “Chimaera” Released for Software Freedom Lovers, Based on Debian Bullseye

Devuan 4.0

The development team behind the Devuan GNU+Linux distribution announced today the release and general availability of Devuan GNU+Linux 4.0.

Dubbed “Chimaera” and based on the recently released Debian GNU/Linux 11.1 “Bullseye”, Devuan GNU+Linux 4.0 comes with Linux kernel 5.10 LTS by default and a choice of three init systems, including sysvinit, runit, and OpenRC.

Devuan is the GNU/Linux distribution you must download and use if you want to have a Debian GNU/Linux operating system installation without the systemd init system. Devuan is here for software freedom lovers!

This release also improves desktop and display manager support, making all the desktop environments from Debian GNU/Linux available to Devuan users without systemd and adding support for the GDM3 and SDDM display managers.

Furthemore, it adds new themes to the bootloader, display manager and desktop environment. On top of that, Devuan GNU+Linux 4.0 comes with enhanced accessibility, allowing users to install the operating system via GUI or console using software or hardware speech synthesis, or using a refreshable braille display.

Moreover, this release adds the ability to install desktop environments without the PulseAudio sound server, which enables speech synthesis two work simultaneously on both console and GUI sessions.

You can download Devuan GNU+Linux 4.0 right now from the official website or by clicking the direct download link below. There are both live (64-bit) and installable-only (32-bit and 64-bit) ISOs available for download, along with a Minimal Live ISO. The live session uses the Xfce 4.16 desktop environment by default.

Existing Devuan 3.0 “Beowulf” users will be able to upgrade their installations using these instructions. On the other hand, Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” users are able to migrate to Devuan Chimaera by following these instructions.

With Devuan 4.0 out the door, the development team will now focus their efforts on the next major release, Devuan 5.0, codenamed “Daedalus.” Devuan 5.0 repositories are already available for those brave enough to the test the upcoming release on their PCs, which will be based on Debian GNU/Linux 12 “Bookworm.”

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