Fedora Linux 39 Workstation to Ship with a More Modern Installer

Fedora Linux's new web-based installer should offer a much better and more polished user experience.
Fedora 39 installer

The Fedora Project is looking to replace the good old GTK-based installer that severed very well in numerous Fedora Linux releases starting with the upcoming Fedora Linux 39 release, due out later this year.

As you may have heard, Fedora Project’s Anaconda team has been working on a new web-based installer for desktop users that promises to offer a much better and more polished user experience. The new installer is called Anaconda WebUI and a new change proposal aims to include it by default in Fedora Linux 39 Workstation.

The Anaconda WebUI installer is not yet full-featured, that’s why the Fedora Project decided to implement it only in Fedora Workstation, the flagship edition featuring the GNOME desktop environment, to get some feedback from users so that they can continue to improve the installation experience.

“Fedora Workstation installation will have a more comfortable and better user experience, especially for the new-to-distro users,” reads the change proposal. “We are also targeting to have a consistent look and feel with Cockpit and Image Builder projects, so that users might be more familiar with the new Anaconda.”

Based on the React and Cockpit frameworks, the new web-based installer looks to offer a complete overhaul of the user experience while having the same level of stability and functionality as the current installer. The ultimate goal here is the new Fedora Linux user, says the Fedora Project, who doesn鈥檛 have previous experience with the Linux operating system.

Anaconda WebUI will feature a wizard-based installation experience, a new welcome screen to select the language, timezone & date configuration, disk selection, guided partitioning, review configuration, installation progress, and build-in help.

The Fedora Project plans on adding new features based on user feedback, but, for now, the new UI removes most of the complexities of the old GTK installer. However, the Anaconda WebUI installer won’t support remote connections, for now, and it won’t be included in the rest of the Fedora Linux 39 spins.

Fedora Linux 39 will be released sometime in October 2023 and a beta version will be available for public testing in mid-September for those who want to try the new web-based installer. Until then, here’s a sneak peek at the Anaconda WebUI installer in Fedora Linux 39 Workstation.

Last updated 8 months ago

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